Kathy K and Joe D started Joey's Fashions as a partnership, selling women's clothes as vendors in the summer of 2012. Kathy and Joe are known throughout the Northeast for selling women's clothing at country fairs, conventions, various festivals and markets.   They also owned a store in Torrington, Connecticut for a year.  Kathy and Joe are known for their commitment to their loyal customers, which is  bringing them fashionable clothing at reasonable prices.  They want their customers to feel and look great in their clothes.  They love it when people return and tell them how much they love the outfits they have purchased from Joey's Fashions.

Kathy & Joe have grown and learned a lot over the last 5 years and are now taking the next step in their business plan, which is selling their goods online.  The debut is a collection of their New Line of items and some of their proven classics.  Joe and Kathy will continue to grow their website and business.  Stay Tuned.  Like & Follow Joey's Fashions on Facebook and Instagram.  Thank you Customers.